Stormwater information

The main source of pollution that ends up in our rivers, lakes and streams, comes from you and meCollectively, our houses, yards, roadways, and general urban way of living have a much greater damaging effect on water bodies.

The Solution?  Be Stormwater Smart!!


The solution is simple:  Keep damaging pollutants out of the streets, gutters, and ditches.  Stormwater that flows through storm drainage systems, including ditches, is not treated at wastewater treatment plants.  It drains directly into our lakes and streams.

Don’t Dump!  Drains to water body


If you have a complaint about a Stormwater Pollution problem please contact the Town of Haw River at Phone: 336-578-0784


Stream Watch: Lend a hand to restore your local waterways.  Do a stream clean-up of all trash and litter.  Town of Haw River and Stormwater SMART are available for assistance.

For more information on a meeting area and hours, please contact:

Danica Heflin, Environmental Programs Coordinator

(336) 904-0300 /

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